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Among the best Resident Evil games

Resident Evil 4 is a premium action game from developer Capcom. It’s the fourth installment of the mainline Resident Evil series, preceded by Resident Evil Zero and succeeded by Resident Evil 5. In this entry, special agent Leon S. Kennedy is tasked to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter from her kidnappers.

The Resident Evil franchise, also known as Biohazard, is a series of zombie-themed video games that center on biological weapons and viral incidents that cause various catastrophes, most especially zombie outbreaks. RE4 is a single-player, third-person shooter that will have players fighting through hostile creatures, human or not.

Rescue the president’s daughter

Resident Evil 4’s story starts with the abduction of Ashley, the U.S. President Graham’s daughter. Raccoon City survivor and special agent Leon S. Kennedy is tasked to rescue Ashley, his search leading him to a remote mountainous region in Spain. He is confronted by mind-controlled villagers, a slew of mutated creatures, and a parasite-worshiping cult called the Los Illuminados.

This installment is considered by many as among the best, if not the best, in the Resident Evil franchise. Its story is simple yet manages to keep players motivated to keep pushing through the campaign. The gameplay is excellent — successfully blending action, survival, and horror elements to create a challenging and terrifying experience that both veterans and first-timers will enjoy.

However, despite all the feats of this game, it’s old, and it hasn’t aged well in particular areas. The graphics aren’t too bad, but it no longer stacks up to modern-day standards. Some sections of the game, particularly QTE events are too janky, feeling tedious and unnecessary. Fortunately, the top-tier level design is enough reason to sweep these drawbacks under the rug.

Should you play it?

Resident Evil 4 is no doubt one of the best games in the franchise and arguably among the best action-horror games in history. The straightforward story and thrilling gameplay are enough reasons for any gamer to try it. It’s challenging, but it’s a challenge worth taking on. If you need more reason, it’s the perfect game to play before diving into its remake Resident Evil 4 (2023).


  • Excellent blend of action and horror
  • Simple yet gripping story
  • Challenging but not frustrating


  • Graphics no longer hold well today
  • Annoying QTE segments

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